Perspective directions

“Lviv is a city with a modern diversified economy. The main industries here are IT and tourism. More than 15,000 professionals are working in the it sector today. Tourism is focused mainly on the domestic market, but the city is making efforts to attract the attention of foreign tourists as well, in particular, to develop the MICE tourism. In 2015 the number of tourists in Lviv exceed 2 million people.

“Traditional” economy of the city is represented by such branches:

– Food manufacturing (chocolate, coffee, butter, dairy products, yeast)

– Production of vehicles and various equipment (trams, trolleybuses, electric instrumentation, lighting equipment)

– Light industry (clothing, footwear)

Due to its geographical location Lviv has a chance to become a major logistics centre. Woodworking and printing industries can also be considered as potentially interesting sites. Lviv is one of the largest publishing centers in Ukraine, although the majority of books are printed on imported paper.”

– Olha Syvak, Chief Investment Officer


  Over the past few years, Lviv became a center of information technologies in Ukraine. In 2009 the KPMG company recognized Lviv as one of the most promising cities for development of outsourcing in the IT-industry. Among the main advantages of the city in the international IT market are low entry costs, compared to the capital of Ukraine and other European cities, high quality human resources: two universities annually produce thousands of skilled professionals. Lviv now has more than 100 IT companies operating in the areas of software development, outsourcing and web…
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With confidence Lviv be called the tourism capital of Ukraine. Every day the city welcomes thousands of tourists from around the world. Not only the rich history and interesting architecture attracts tourists, but also the intense artistic life, patriotic character of its inhabitants and the enchanting smell of coffee from the cozy cafes. Today tourism is strengthened as a strategic direction of the city. There is a great number of travel companies who are willing to make your holidays in Lviv unforgettable. Tourists are offered different thematic guided tours, visit numerous museums,…
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An important and successful part of the city economy is diversified production. There are favorable conditions for the progressive development and rational distribution of industrial enterprises in the city: rich sources of raw materials, large reserves of skilled labor and favorable economic and geographical location. Most of the dynamically developing enterprises are from equipment and mechanical engineering industry. Light industry and food production are moving forward in Lviv too. Using modern technical base, new production lines and long experience companies are able to offer…
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Food processing

Food processing industry takes a great place in the industry of Lviv region. There are about 130 powerful enterprises and more than 1200 small processing departments in Lviv and region. Lviv food industry enterprises specialize in production of milk and diary products (Lviv City Milk Plant, Lviv Milk Integrated Works, “Agro”); fats, margarine, mayonnaise ( joint-stock company “Lviv Fat Factory”); coffee and coffee based drinks (joint venture “Galka”, “Videnska Kava”); ethyl alcohol, alcoholic drinks, beer(Lviv Brewery); bakery yeast (joint-stock company “Enzym”);…
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Real estate

Lviv is one of the most promising European cities and in a great location. That is why the real estate market here is now entering ultra-fast development phase. Residential buildings and modern business centers, production facilities and infrastructure are being constructed around town. Among the leading companies-developers (according to an aggregate area of ​​facilities, construction of which began in 2014) are: Ecodim, holding company - 80 000 sq.m. Riel Construction Corporation - 67 000 sq.m. Intergal-system, developer - 45 000 sq.m. New Lviv, construction company -…
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