Group Egis celebrates 20-year anniversary of presence in Ukraine

On October 8, a delegation of top managers of the French engineering and consulting Group Egis visited Lviv on the occasion of the celebration of 20-year anniversary of presence in Ukraine. The history of Egis in Ukraine is highly linked with the city of Lviv. Indeed, in 1995 Egis developed the feasibility study for the development of the Lviv Light Rail Transit network to Sykhiv. In 2003, Egis provided technical assistance to Lviv City Council and Lviv Oblast Administration for the reform of the Management of Public Services and since 2010, the Experts of Egis have been involved in many engineering and consulting projects to modernize the infrastructure of the City and the Oblast.

Ongoing projects of Egis in Lviv consist in providing technical assistance to the Municipal companies of Lviv in:

  • The supervision of the extension of the Tram Line 4 to Sykhiv
  • The rehabilitation of the heating supply infrastructure of the city
  • The modernization and the development of the assets of Lvivelectrotrans to optimize the electric transport services in the city,

In Lviv Region, Egis is also supervising the maintenance and the rehabilitation of the M06 from Brody to Striy.

As a result of two decades of activities in Ukraine with more than 40 projects successfully implemented, the Egis Group management has unanimously decided that Ukraine remains for Egis a country of investment in its widest sense of the term, a country that despite the economic difficulties and recent political events shows obvious examples of its ability to develop, implement necessary changes and move towards the European vector of the economy.

“We are not waiting when Ukraine will reach the European level of the economy, and even today we are preparing to positive changes in the country and invest in the future success. We continue to form an interdisciplinary team of local experts, establish contact with private clients and government institutions, accumulate experience with contractors. In such a way we show that we hope to compete soon for attractive major projects that will be financed not only by credit funds of the European organizations, but also by state budget. And our participation in the implementation of infrastructure projects and the construction of international roads will only contribute to faster economic recovery of the country and revival in business activity,’ commented on the development strategy of the company Egis Ukraina CEO Arnaud de Rugy.