Lviv (Ukraine) and Chengdu (China) cooperation

In May 2017 Lviv (Ukraine) and Chengdu (China) concluded friendly sister cities cooperations. Shortly afterwards, Yaryna Soroka from Lviv Investment Office of City Council, came to Chengdu for exchange and study through the Chengdu Civil Servant Exchange Scholarship Program. She participated in different meetings and activities organized by Chengdu Municipality. Now Yaryna will develop and implement educational programmes between Lviv and Chengdu universities.

“Chengdu has developed very fast and amazingly. Everything I have seen is very new and very high-tech. I was deeply impressed. I hope there will be more of such progress in Lviv “. Talking about future work, Yaryna Soroka said: “Ukraine and China have very good relations and I hope that through our efforts, we will continue to maintain and deepen this friendly relationship. We often recommend Lviv on social networks and I also Hope to bring more International companies to Lviv.”