Food processing

Food processing industry takes a great place in the industry of Lviv region. There are about 130 powerful enterprises and more than 1200 small processing departments in Lviv and region.

Lviv food industry enterprises specialize in production of milk and diary products (Lviv City Milk Plant, Lviv Milk Integrated Works, “Agro”); fats, margarine, mayonnaise ( joint-stock company “Lviv Fat Factory”); coffee and coffee based drinks (joint venture “Galka”, “Videnska Kava”); ethyl alcohol, alcoholic drinks, beer(Lviv Brewery); bakery yeast (joint-stock company “Enzym”);  meat products and sausages; ice-cream; fruit jams; juices. The joint-stock company “Svitoch” is one of the most popular and known producers of sweets, caramel, chocolate and confectionery of all types.

The largest increase of production is observed among the enterprises which represent bakery, brewery, alcohol, milk processing, oil and confectionery industries.