Corporate rights to the enterprise for the production of cardboard and paper products in the Malekhiv village
Malekhiv village (Lviv City territory community), Lesi Ukrainky str.,70
Characteristics of the object

Area: 2 914 sq.m. (guard house – 13.7 sq.m., pump station – 29.2 sq.m., warehouse – 478.5 sq.m., boiler room – 157 sq.m., sawmill – 182.5 sq.m., production base + office – 2053.5 sq.m.)

Property: private

Condition: operating enterprise



Estimated area: 1,3 ha

Property: private

Purpose: land for industry, transport, communications, energy, defense and other purposes.

Engineering communications

10/0,4 kW, electricity supply contract with Ukrzaliznytsia, capacity 200 kW 0.8t/h, 835 kW (Medium pressure), water supply, drainage.

Terms of purchase

Sale of corporate rights

Cost: $500k per oblect.

Львів, пл. Ринок 1