Pivnichna str. (projected) 5,2173 ha
Lviv (Zaliznychnyi district), Pivnichna str. (projected), industrial zone “Syhnivka”
Characteristics of the object

Area: 5,2173 ha

Property: communal

Purpose: land for industry, transport, communications, energy, defense and other purposes

Engineering communications

Water supply: diameter – 315 mm, pressure – 1.7 atm., distance to the connection point – 1100 m.

Drainage (domestic): diameter – 300 mm, distance to the connection point – 50 m.

Drainage (rain): diameter – 1200 mm, distance to the connection point – 57 m.

Gas network: diameter – 500 mm, the pressure at the point of the connection is 0.3 MPa, the type of gas pipeline – high.

Electricity: distance to the communal transformer substation of 4,000 kW – 1200 m

Terms of purchase

Sale of ownership

Lviv Rynok sq. 1