Why Lviv

The largest city in Western Ukraine

750 000 citizens (2.5 mln. live in the Lviv region)


Easy Access to both Eastern and Western Markets

Up to 32 airline routes, International transport corridors, 60 km to EU border

City of the Future

No.5 in Top 10 large European cities in cost effectiveness

Talent Pool

30 000 graduates annually (including 30% engineers), the European mentality of people

Focus industries

IT Outsourcing, BPO, R&D, Tourism, MICE, Manufacturing, Food Processing, Logistics

Strong IT community

100+ IT companies, 15 000 engineers, 3 000 IT graduates annually

Cost-Effective Business Development Location

Skilled labor force at affordable cost

Local Authorities

Efficient and practical support of City Administration

Smart City

Powerful initiative of enhancing quality and performance of urban services. Innovation hubs

International banks

BNP Paribas, UniCredit, Raiffeisen, EBRD Regional Office

Andriy Sadovyi

Lviv City Mayor

The city of Lviv is an important cultural, economic and scientific center of Western Ukraine. In a good way, it is a city of contrasts. The city is a historical hub and could be called a pearl of Ukraine due to its architectural charm and cultural heritage. On the other hand, Lviv is a modern city with a clear and strategic vision for business and investors. It is a safe, convenient and comfortable place for living and doing business.

Lviv is known to be the cultural capital of Ukraine. The city center is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It features some of the world’s best examples of historic architecture. The city experiences a 40% increase in tourism flows annually, which is among the highest growth rates in the world. More than 1.7 million tourists visited Lviv in 2014. This number exceeds the population of Lviv by more than 2.5 times and there is more room for growth.

Due to its strategy on fostering technological development, Lviv now is a booming international hub for the IT industry. There are about 140 IT companies currently operating in Lviv and over 18,000 specialists in engineering and IT who annually graduate from Lviv universities. In general, Lviv is a large educational center with around 170,000 students in 38 higher education institutions.

The economy of Lviv is based on the dynamic development of a large number of small and medium businesses. There are about 10000 SMEs in Lviv, which cover more than 65% of the total city production. There are competitive opportunities in any sector, including logistics, food processing, equipment and machine building, financial sector, textile, pharmaceutical, wood and paper industry, metal and plastic production, tourism and hospitality, etc. We invite foreign investors to work with our small and medium businesses, offering competitive and high quality goods and services together with a high level of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and new ideas.

The Lviv Municipality has plans for the development of the city for the next years. Thus, considerable amounts of investments from international financial institutions (IFIs) are received by the city for projects in education, public utilities, public transport, recreation, roads, business-parks, airline connection. The city of Lviv is one of the largest partners of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Ukraine with a total investment of 250 M Euros. In 2014 EBRD opened its regional office in Lviv. The city of Lviv also cooperates with USAID, GIZ (Germany), E5P (Sweden), KfW (Germany) and NEFCO (Finland) involving loans, grants and technical assistance.

Lviv is a safe city. Many businesses affected by the military conflict in the Eastern part of Ukraine move to Lviv, businessmen bring here their families and start a new life. A large number of new companies open in Lviv every year, including foreign ventures. There are more than 30 internationally recognized brands that are well established and operating in Lviv. We care to provide all investors with the most favorable business conditions in Lviv.

We invite partners to join us in the transformation of Lviv to even more successful and prosperous place. And I assure you that your business will develop together with Lviv.

Lviv is open to the world. Lviv is open to you.

Foreign companies in Lviv: