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The Invest in Lviv team provides support to Ukrainian businesses from the affected by the war regions regarding their intention to relocate the enterprise to the Lviv community, in particular:

Support services
Support services

Legal and auditing services:

Detailed list of partners at the link.

Consulting services:

Free consulting support from KSE Graduate Business School

Consulting from specialists of the KSE Graduate Business School provides expert knowledge, focuses on development opportunities, emphasizes business problem areas during relocation and ways to solve them.

  • assistance with determining the state of the business and deciding on relocation
  • advising on choosing the best ways to relocate a business offered by the state
  • advising on creating a marketing strategy to restore and increase demand for goods
  • training in logistics process management, efficiency and supplier selection

You can apply via the link.

Business network
Business network


More details about clusters by link.

Companies that offer relocated business assistance.
1. Legal aid:
2. Recruitment and recruitment services:

The SELECT recruitment company – offers search and selection of qualified specialists for relocated business in Ukraine and abroad. Tel .: +38 095 94 80039 (Taras Kotyk)

3. Structures for the construction of industrial and warehouse buildings
  • PROTAN-ELMARK – offer prefabricated awning structures for the construction of warehouses and industrial premises. Tel .: +380503558743 (Vasily Holovyak)
4. Arrangement of offices and industrial buildings, Internet communications services
  • LLC “Company Instal Group” – offer services in the arrangement of offices, warehouses and production facilities: design, installation and maintenance of engineering systems (power, Internet, video surveillance and alarm systems, water supply and drainage, ventilation and air conditioning, heating systems and heating). Provide preferential terms for companies moving their business to the city of Lviv and the Lviv region. Tel .: +38097-227-43-95 (Oleksandr Donchenko); +38068-055-1482 (Olha Davydova), E-mail:
  • Integral Service Plus – offers hosting services, server rental, installation of network systems, organization of workplaces, Internet connection, as well as the service “Outstaffing of IT specialists”. Tel .: +38068-680-2008 (Vira Khemych), E-mail:
  • Vega Telecom – offers telephony services (telephony, sip-trunk, 0800, etc.), Internet channels, data transmission channels (local, national, international), including international data centers abroad (AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure Express Route), fiber rental, virtual networks, cloud solutions (MS Azure, Amazon Web Services). Tel. : +380 50 482 02 46 (Oleksandr Kovhan), E-mail:
5. Business cooperation:
  • Tandem-Plus Company (Derniv village in the Lviv district) – offers services in the production of panel furniture for relocated enterprises. They are also ready to cooperate with furniture companies and offer rental of production facilities and warehouses (forklift, closed area, parking, security and video surveillance). Tel.: 0982991300 (Bohdan Hunka)
  • Drevych Ltd . – offer cooperation to woodworking companies and assistance in fulfilling orders.
    Tel .: +38067-670-2221 (Bogdan)
  • Budprokat Ukraine (Kharkiv) – offers services for the sale and rental of construction equipment and tools, including scaffolding for the reconstruction of buildings. Tel .: +38067-327-4184 (Victor)
Training for business
Training for business

Diia. Digital education

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has launched the Diia website. Digital education for public free online learning for every citizen of Ukraine. In particular, online courses for business are offered.

Excursions in lviv
Excursions in lviv

The Lviv Community of Guides, Museums, the Lviv Tourist Office and LTD “The Heritage Bureau” have jointly developed a set of “Walks around Lviv” tours that take place in Lviv during the spring for residents and internally displaced persons.

The list of all tours from 25.04 to 31.05 by the link

* Changes and additions to the program are possible, follow updates on the website.

Business assistance
Business assistance

If you have the intention and the ability to help businesses from the affected regions, please fill out the form below.

Business Initiatives