Over the past few years, Lviv became a center of information technologies in Ukraine. In 2009 the KPMG company recognized Lviv as one of the most promising cities for development of outsourcing in the IT-industry. Among the main advantages of the city in the international IT market are low entry costs, compared to the capital of Ukraine and other European cities, high quality human resources: two universities annually produce thousands of skilled professionals. Lviv now has more than 100 IT companies operating in the areas of software development, outsourcing and web development.

Top – 10 IT companies by number of employees are:

1. SoftServe (3570)

2. EPAM (3550)

3. GlobalLogic (2439)

4. Ciklum (2213)

5. ELEKS (946)

6. ISD (727)

7. DataArt (698 )

8. Lohika Systems (679)

9. GeeksForLess Inc. (562)

10. Sigma Software (461)

There is a cluster of information technology and business services (IT-BPO) in Lviv – a community of leading companies in the information technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), that aims to work out systematic changes in the business environment of the city.