Industrial parks in the Lviv community are exempt from real estate tax and land fees
18 Aug 2022

 Lviv City Council adopted a resolution providing tax benefits for industrial parks on the territory of the Lviv Local Territorial Community, namely tax exemption of:

  • non-residential real estate objects which are located on the territory of industrial parks and are in the property of their members;
  • fees for land plots within the territory of industrial parks that are used by the initiators of the creation of the industrial park, the management company and its members.

The benefit applies to industrial parks that are included in the Register of Industrial Parks.

It should be reminded that the construction of the industrial park “Sparrow Park Lviv” in the Signivka industrial zone and the M10 industrial park in the Ryasne-2 industrial zone are underway on the territory of the Lviv community.

Recently,  Lviv City Council initiated the creation of the municipal industrial park “Sygnivka” with an area of 15 hectares in the industrial zone “Sygnivka”.


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