Legislative incentives for the creation and development of industrial parks
21 Jun 2022

Industrial parks are the priority mechanism for reviving Ukraine’s industry after the war.

The state at the legislative level establishes financial, infrastructural and institutional incentives for the creation and development of industrial parks.

Recently, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted amendments to bills №5688 and №5689, which provide for:


Bill №5688:

The exemption from the VAT for operations involving importation of equipment to the customs territory of Ukraine by residents of industrial parks;

The exemption for industrial parks from income tax for ten years if they operate only on the territory of the industrial park;

The opportunity of providing preferential rates of real property and land tax for individual proprietors and their residents by local authorities.


Bill №5689:

The exemption from payment of import duty on new equipment that is imported for activities in the target areas of the industrial park.

It should be reminded that two industrial parks are registered on the territory of the Lviv Territorial Community – Sparrow Park Lviv on the territory of the Signivka industrial zone and M10 Lviv Industrial Park on the territory of the Ryasne-2 industrial zone. Both projects are at the stage of construction of the first phase.

More about industrial parks:

Sparrow Park Lviv – https://park.sparrow-capital.com/uk/

М10 Lviv Industrial Park – https://m10.com.ua/l


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