Bookstore at 20-22 Akademika Hnatyuk Street
20-22 Akademika Hnatyuk Street
Characteristics of the object

Object of investment: non-residential communal premises on the ground floor at 20-22 Akademika V. Hnatiuka Street
Total area: 382.2 sq. m.
Ownership: communal
Previous use of the property: ticket offices of Lviv Railway.


Additional Information

Components of the bookstore space:
– Halls for the distribution and sale of books and periodicals of various types and genres in the
in the format of a general bookstore.
– Multifunctional space – lecture halls for meetings,
conferences, presentations, press conferences, exhibitions, trainings, seminars,
master classes, workshops, writing courses, literary
residencies, etc.
– A separate reading room.
– Coworking space.
– Closed conference room.
– Technical premises.

Information about the project
Project goal:
– To create a bookshop with a reading room and artistic elements.
Project objective:
– Promotion of the Ukrainian-language product.
– Creating opportunities for the development of publishing in Lviv and Ukraine in general.
– Promoting reading in Ukraine, in particular by creating favourable conditions for for the general public to access literature.
– Assistance in the promotion of works by Ukrainian authors and publishing products in Ukraine and on the world stage. in Ukraine and on the global stage.
– Creating new opportunities for the implementation of the status of “Lviv – UNESCO City of UNESCO City of Literature” status.
– Creating a bookstore that will combine a space for reading, presentations, discussions, debates and a coworking space.
Purpose of the investment object:
– Sale of books and periodicals of various types and genres in the format of a general type bookstore.
– Organization and holding of thematic meetings, conferences, presentations, press conferences and readings to promote the Ukrainian-language product.
– Organizing and conducting trainings, seminars, and master classes, including courses on writing courses, literary residencies, etc. – Operation of a separate reading room.
– Functioning of the space in a coworking format.
– Research, scientific and production activities.
– Without the possibility of placing a catering facility.
Financial indicators of the project:
– The required investment amount is at least UAH 5 million;
– Duration of the investment agreement – 10 years.
– Sources of the investor’s income: commercial activities on book sales; providing space for organizing art events, coworking, conferences, and exhibitions.