Construction of a multifunctional sports base for wrestling and other types of martial arts
Lincoln-Lypinsky Street
Characteristics of the object

Land plot:

  • 2 land plots of communal property (in the process of allocation);
  • the total area is 1.7891 ha.

The project involves the construction of a multifunctional complex, which will include:

  1. Gym for wrestling and other types of martial arts:
  • building area: 2,800 square meters;
  • total area – 8400 sq.m.; 4 floors;
  • 1 thousand units of visitors.
  1. Hotel for accommodation of athletes and competition guests:
  • building area: 1000 square meters;
  • total area – 6300 sq.m.;
  • 7 floors; 140 rooms;
  • 73 parking spaces.
  1. Open sports grounds.

Sources of income:

  • the cost of hotel operations and competitions;
  • provision of training meeting services.
Additional Information

Scope of the project. The construction of a multifunctional sports facility is aimed at creating appropriate conditions for the development of sports, sports infrastructure, and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The sports hall is suitable for all age categories, both children and adults. It is suitable both for training and for competitions in such types of martial arts as freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, women’s wrestling, as well as judo and sambo. In Lviv, and in Ukraine in general, there are several strong teams and national teams in disciplines, but they do not have a foundation and proper conditions for development. Mobile tribunes for competitions will be installed on sports grounds. There are no similar sports facilities in Lviv, nor in Western and Central Ukraine. The only sports complex of this type in Ukraine operates on the basis of the Koncha-Zaspa Olympic Training Center. In addition, the presence of such a sports complex in Lviv will contribute to the development of sports tourism. Training sessions of sports teams usually last an average of 14 days. Given the size of the facility, it will be able to host teams from other cities and regions, as well as national teams from other countries. Thus, the availability of a hotel for the accommodation of athletes and visitors will create all the necessary conditions for the functioning of the institution and the project as a whole.

The purpose of the project: creation of appropriate conditions for the development of Olympic sports; creation of appropriate sports infrastructure in the city; promotion of a healthy lifestyle; development of sports tourism.

 The role of the state partner in project implementation.

To successfully achieve the goals of the project, the city is ready to do the following:

  • provide all peer reviews and research for the project;
  • provide facilities for long-term use;
  • facilitate public hearings.

Sources of financing the project.

  • Funds from the local budget are for the development of the PPP project.
  • Funds from private investors – for the construction, operation and maintenance of facilities.

Property: communal

Information about the project

Public-private partnership project (concession)

The state partner is Lviv City Council


  • 10 minutes by car to the city center (3.5 km);
  • Near the final tram stop (250 m; tram No. 6 Mykolaychuk-Center-Main Station);
  • Near the northern exit from the city (2 km) / ring road (8 km) / Kyiv-Chop highway (8 km);

Socio-economic effect:

  • provision of premises and resources for preparation and holding of competitions;
  • development of sports tourism.

Project status: the initial stage of preparation (preliminary studies have been carried out, a detailed plan of the territory has been approved, the allocation of land plots has begun).