IT Park
Lviv, Ivana Chmoly 1 St.
Characteristics of the object

The complexity of IT Park will provide increased comfort to all employees since they will be able to use the whole range of facilities:

new class A offices which will inspire you to work a bit more;

a modern university campus and labs where students will conduct experiments in leading IT sciences;

conference rooms;


hotel and serviced apartments;

food, retail and sports areas.

IT Park will be located at the crossroads of the following streets: Stryiska, Chmoly and Luhanska. You can conveniently travel from there to all important places – airport, railway station, universities and the historic center of the city.

Additional Information

10 ha construction area

6 A-class offices

95 000 m2 office GLA

1 university campus

5 700 m2 hotel

13 000 m2 retail and service zone

3 167 parking places

Information about the project

Office buildings and co-workings

First of all, IT Park – is a modern infrastructure complex with full optimization and automation of all supporting systems – from the fibre-optic communication line to reception, conference rooms and means for amenity and leisure services. Companies will be able to rent whole office buildings as well as separate office spaces and work places in co-workings.

University campus & technical labs

Education is an integral part of any progress. That is why we are ready to provide young professionals with the best conditions for development. IT Park will become a platform where students can interact with scientists and experienced IT specialists.

Technical labs, libraries, co-workings, as well as public areas where students will be able to study and attend various workshops will be located on the premises of IT Park.

Hotel & comfortable apartments

To add the most comfort to business trips, IT Park will offer a hotel and apartments where clients could stay during work trips or hold various events. Furthermore, there will be a SPA-center with a 10-meter swimming pool.

Retail and services

Everything should be within easy reach – this is the philosophy of IT Park. There will be a shopping mall, where visitors will be able to relax, do the shopping, eat lunch as well as use dozens of other services and facilities that will save their most valuable source – the time.

Fitness center

Every visitor of IT Park will be able to recharge their batteries in gyms.


It is planned that there will be a kindergarten on the premises of IT Park, where the future genii of IT industry will make their first steps. They will be taught critical thinking, logic, English as well as the basics of programming. In the technological era, these skills are of paramount importance for any successful person.

Caring parents will be able to leave their children in a modern kindergarten and visit them when time allows without having to worry about big distances.

More details:

Lviv, Ivana Chmoly 1 St.
+38 0800 300 331