Production and warehouse complex PROTEC PIDRYASNE
с. Pidriasne village (Zaliznychnyi district), 1 Evropeiska Street
Characteristics of the object

Total area: dry warehouse area – 10,000 sq.m., office premises – 5,000 sq.m., household premises – 1,000 sq.m.
Property: private.
Type: class A warehouses (production), office premises
Status: commissioned (date of acceptance – 2020)

Engineering communications

half-day electricity (1500 kW, backup power – 2 DP generators of 250 kW each), water supply (133 cubic meters/day), sewage and gas networks.

Additional Information

Danylo Halytskyi Lviv International Airport: 15.6 km.
Lviv city center: 12.5 km.
Railway station: 13.6 km.
Population of the city: 717 486
Population of Lviv metropolitan area: 783 065