10 Nov 2020

In the Lviv city was launched a new information resource for IT-specialists and foreign companies that intend to relocate to Lviv.

In connection with the recent events in Belarus, in Lviv has been launched an informational resource for IT-specialists and companies who have the intention to relocate to Lviv.

Informational resource “Relocate to Lviv” includes step-by-step instructions, documents lists and processes descriptions about moving to Ukraine for individuals and companies. It also has an information request form.

It was developed on the initiative of the Lviv City Council and IT-company KindGeek, after the approach of Belarussian colleagues who needed help with relocation of their companies. Also in this process was involved the consulting company Nexia DK, where their specialists helped to fill in the site with the valid information.

“We have a lot of friends who have moved to Lviv from USA, Switzerland and other countries. We knew their insights, how difficult it was for them to integrate not in the context of society, but the obstacles they faced in the everyday life, real estate, opening of the bank accounts etc. That’s why we initiate this resource.

We were pushed up by appeals from our friends from Belarus asking to help to move to Lviv, and that’s why we’ve decided to run information project together with Lviv City Council” – said Anton Skrypnyk, CEO in KindGeek, co-owner of SignSpot, co-owner of LvivLand.

Therefore, on the web page we add the information about possible options of real estate rent, culture and lifestyle in Lviv, hospitals, other sources on all what can help in this not easy process.

As for Roman Staretskyy, head of Lviv Investment Office, this initiative can help Lviv to become more noticeable and open for the world.

“Strong cities, on my opinion, must compete for talented, creative people, who bring Added Value. Relocate-sites are a common thing among European cities, everyone who wants to move to certain city finds for himself the guidebook, developed by this city.

I sincerely supported initiative of local IT-community, in particular the top-managers of the Kindgeek Company, to help to create such a platform, as a demand raised from various specialists from European countries to move to Lviv and it was not possible to not to pay attention. The resource will include exact advises about relocating to Lviv, lists of documents, which might be needed, as well as trustworthy partners that can be helpful in being comfortable here. The city gives many related services, there is a lot of information, but we are trying to present it in a simple and understandable manner in English language. This way it will help us to become more noticeable in global map of the world.” – added Roman Staretskyy, the head of Lviv Investment Office.

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