BPO Nextdoor

BPO Nextdoor is a fast-growing service company with Western European and North American customers who get more flexibility and cost-effectiveness in data entry, information analysis and customer support. The majority of customers are from retail, PR and industrial sectors from Germany.

Lviv’s cultural and geographical proximity to Western Europe, combined with a large well-educated workforce, is considered to be a convincing factor contributing to Lviv being selected as a top destination for foreign companies that seek the opportunities of business processes outsourcing. BPO Nextdoor has been benefiting from its location since 2012.

BPO Nextdoor has performed projects in up to 15 European languages but a special focus is on a German language. For this and other reasons BPO Nextdoor was featured in the Independent Service Provider Catalogue by German Outsourcing Association.

The main differentiator of BPO Nextdoor among Eastern European business process outsourcing vendors are:

  • Zero churn rate of the long-term customers
  • Staff attrition rate under 5%
  • Special know-how for the German-speaking market
  • Sustainably cost-effective location – the city of Lviv
  • Flexible cooperation models and possibility of a risk-free pilot project
  • GDPR and ISO 27000 compliant

BPO Nextdoor strives to build a long-term, win-win, and personalized relationship with every client. Therefore, there are frequent business trips of top managers of BPO Nextdoor to Western Europe as well as business trips of the customers to Lviv. All the customers provide positive feedback about Lviv as outsourcing and tourism destination and are positively impressed about the young progressive spirit of the city which respects its traditions and values.