Introduction to Tasty Jar, a company participating in the marketing support project for Ukrainian business from the Lviv City Council, Miks Digital and the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine
07 Feb 2024

Lviv City Council in cooperation with Miks Digital agency and with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine is implementing a project to provide marketing support to ten Ukrainian businesses. We would like to introduce you to the third business, Tasty Jar, a Ukrainian brand from Vinnytsia that produces and sells natural fruit and berry pastes, frappes, and other healthy snacks.

The entrepreneurs want to enter the foreign market and convey to people that good health begins with healthy food.

The business is open to demonstrating the place and process of production: the relevant content is available on social media.

The business owners are proud of the environmental friendliness and cleanliness of their production, and this is one of the main focuses of their communication. They note that their values are that they adhere to a culture of clean, safe production, so they actively demonstrate this and plan to emphasize it in their future strategy. They adhere to the principle of “pastille for people”: transparency of production, industrial relations, development, involvement of new markets, coverage of events related to the company’s production and product, as well as demonstration of consumer feedback.

In the future, they plan to expand the production area and open a “healthy space” on its territory, where you can taste the products, and hold meetings of like-minded people and various events.

“Tasty Jar” emphasizes its basic principles:

Environmental friendliness of production. They pay special attention to the environmental aspects of production. All products are made using natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. In addition, manufacturers adhere to strict standards for waste and resource use.

Own raw materials. We control the entire production cycle using our raw materials. This allows manufacturers not only to ensure high-quality products but also a stable supply of raw materials. They work with their gardens and partners who adhere to strict quality standards.

Innovation and development. The manufacturer is constantly improving production technologies, and introducing new methods and recipes to create tasty and healthy products. The company explores innovative approaches to production and uses new ideas to expand its product range.

High-quality products. We strive for the highest quality standards. All products are subject to quality control at every stage of production to ensure the best taste and health benefits. They are not afraid to admit mistakes and learn from them, which they communicate with their customers (refusal to produce cream honey and a post about it).

Customer satisfaction. Always put customers first and take into account their wishes and requirements. Build comfortable and trusting communication with customers.


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