Lviv City Council has made another important decision to implement the project of the industrial park «Syhnivka»
03 Nov 2023

On November 2, 2023, the Lviv City Council adopted two more important resolutions on the implementation of the Industrial Park «Syhnivka» project:
– An agreement on the creation and operation of the Industrial Park «Syhnivka» with the management company of the Syhnivka Industrial Park (LLC “Formacia Syhnivka”) was approved;
– Land plots were leased to the management company of the Syhnivka Industrial Park (LLC “Formacia Syhnivka”).
According to Andriy Pavliv, Head of the Investments and Projects Office, «Creation of the municipal industrial park “Syhnivka” is a long process. We started with the concept, announced the contest and held it. A special commission chose the winner, who was approved at the session. The next stage was the signing of an agreement with the selected management company, LLC “Formacia Syhnivka” on the creation and operation of such a park. And now this contract has been approved by the session of the city council.»
The next step in the implementation of the project of the Industrial Park «Syhnivka» is to finalize all legal details and plan the start of construction work.
It is worth noting that residents of industrial parks are entitled to a number of benefits, including duty-free importation of equipment and exemption from income tax for the first period of operation. In addition, the city may apply benefits to stimulate industrial development within industrial parks, such as exemptions from land and real estate taxes.

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