Lviv signed mandate letters with IFC to implement the largest infrastructural project in Lviv
13 May 2019

On May 13, Lviv City Council signed two mandate letters with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to raise a loan of €50 million for city development, in particular, to increase the number of trolleybuses and repair a street with tram infrastructure.

€25 million will be spent on the purchase of 100 new trolleybuses for LCM “Lvivelectrotrans”, €10 million on repairs and upgrades of the catenary network, and €15 million on the reconstruction of Shevchenko Street managed by LCM “Lvivavtodor”. The signed letters are the first stage of cooperation – a contract of credence, which will subsequently help to consider the possibility of signing a loan agreement.

“Within the framework of the agreement, we are signing a memorandum regarding the receipt of funds for 100 units of electric transport, and also it is important for us to quickly complete the reconstruction of Shevchenko Street, and of course, the issue of updating the contact network of the city of Lviv is being considered. It is about receiving the support of €50 million and continuing our work with the International Finance Corporation in order to reach the big goal – to make all public transport of Lviv electric”,- said Andriy Sadoviy, Lviv City Mayor.

Jason Palmer, Head of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Regional Representation in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, spoke on the occasion:

“The fact is that we had this discussion one year ago on greening the city. The vision of having a clean Lviv is very appealing for us. In addition, the world is urbanizing very rapidly. Right now more than 50% of the population is living in cities. It is going to be 2/3 of the population by 2050. So we need to start thinking collectively with cities such as Lviv on how to better urban transportation. And this is the project that we have just signed. This is more than just buying autonomous trolleybuses. This is about clean city and improving public transportation.”

“We plan to pass all approvals and all paper procedures by the end of this year and conduct a tender for the purchase of 100 trolleybuses in order to begin the delivery next year. We are going to split the delivery for a period of 3 years so that it would stay planned and gradual, and we would have time to adequately prepare maintenance base for new units and to train driver “said Andriy Bilyi, Deputy Director of the Department of Housing and Infrastructure.

In addition to financial support, IFC will also provide technical assistance and advisory services.

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