Construction of a mixed-type complex on the territory near the Main and Primysky railway stations of Lviv
Dvirtseva-Horodotska Street
Additional Information

Scope of the project. The project envisages the revitalization of the interstation section on Horodotska Street in the city of Lviv. It is about the relocation of the suburban train station in Lviv and other administrative and warehouse premises, as well as the construction of a new commercial quarter on this site.

Project goals:

Creation of modern, comfortable premises with good material and technical access.

Creation of a modern railway hub with the necessary services close by.

Analysis of the problem that is solved thanks to the implementation of the project:

Inefficient use of the territory between the stations located in the immediate vicinity of the city center and the important transport artery Horodotska street: unused warehouses, low train traffic, inefficient development of the territory.

Inconvenient space for millions of passengers and visitors in the interstation area: lack of necessary accompanying infrastructure.

The long distance between the two railway stations of Lviv: Main and Primisky railway stations, which creates inconvenience for passengers of Ukrzaliznytsia.

Factors contributing to the need for project implementation:

The need for modern office infrastructure.

High personnel potential.

Continuous traffic of station visitors, who are potential users and buyers of office space services.


Scope of services:

It is proposed to build commercial objects on the land plot with an area of 41,000 square meters: an office, a hotel, and retail premises for the provision of relevant services.

The approximate area of the projected office and hotel premises is 137.8 thousand square meters. m, multifunctional center – 14.4 thousand square meters.

The cost of the service.

The market rent of class A office space (average rent per 1 m2 is USD 18 (excluding VAT,

all related services except)) and the provision of hotel services.

PPP model: construction-financing-operation-maintenance-management.

The role of the public (state) partner in project implementation.

In order to successfully achieve the objectives of the project, state partners are ready to do the following:

provide all necessary findings and research for the project;

preparation and approval of a detailed plan of the territory;

placement and transfer of a land plot for long-term use;

grant the rights of transfer and dismantling of existing real estate objects;

provide assistance in obtaining the necessary permits;

to facilitate public discussion

Available facilities: the suburban station building, administrative buildings, warehouses, hangars and railway tracks

JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

Land plot.

Status: state-owned land; the right to permanent use of the land belongs to JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

Administrator – Lviv Regional State Administration.



Information about the project

Public-private partnership (concession)

State partner: Lviv City Council (initiator), Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, National Railway Company “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

Advisory support – IFC


  • the area between the Main and Primisky railway stations of the city (Dvirtseva-Horodotska St.).
  • 10 minutes drive to the city center (2.5 km)
  • 15 minutes drive to the city airport (5 km)

The project includes:

  • revitalization of the territory near the Main Railway Station of Lviv for its effective use;
  • the location of Lviv suburban stations and other railway facilities and their integration with the Main Station into a common infrastructure complex;
  • construction of a new commercial quarter on this territory;
  • land plot 18 ha
  • 137.8 thousand m2 of developed office and hotel apartments
  • shopping (41 thousand m2) and multifunctional (14.4 thousand m2) centers were designed.

Project status: Development of a preliminary feasibility study has begun (with IFC support).