Project “Creation of innovative creative space of LEM Station”
05 Jan 2023

We want to acquaint you with our projects in more detail, therefore we launch series of thematic publications.

Let’s start with the cities investment project “Creation of innovative creative space of LEM Station“.

The project envisages the redevelopment of the old tram depot  at the intersection of Sakharova and Vitovskoho streets into an innovative creative center, which will become a point of intersection and self-realization of artists, entrepreneurs, scientists and other representatives of creative industries.

At the end of 2018, a private investor, LEM station, was involved in the project implementation at the open competition.

The investor performs reconstruction of part of the tram depot, buildings and structures near and sets up areas for start-ups, IT-specialist, freelancers, innovative companies, workshops, training and development centre, etc. The project also provides an open public space with terraces, places for events.

During reconstruction original forms of historical architecture will be kept as much as possible, and the buildings of the tram depot at the beginning of 20 centuries will be restored without changes to the facade part. Also, the project envisages commercial activity of a part of the locations. At the same time, its key function is social -to be a place for Lviv residents, where they get opportunities to realize themselves.

At this stage the reconstruction works are in progress.
Today, this space is well known to residents and guests of the city, as creative artistic and social events are actively held in part of the localities.


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