Electron Corporation

Electron Corporation is a Joint-Stock Company, its shares were registered in Ukraine under №1. Today “Electron” is developing dynamically as a machine building corporation. “Electron” corporation and its enterprises are old and reliable partners of many Ukrainian and foreign companies.

The history of “Electron” began in 1918 with the founding of Lviv electrical enterprise “Contact” – one of the first electrotechnical enterprises in Halychyna (production of electrical appliances, electricity meters, electric motors and products based on them, telephones and switchboards, electrical products, electrical fittings, etc.).

In the 1950s the rise of Lviv television factory began. By resolution of the Council of National Economy in Lviv economic region №57 of October 4, 1957 based on “Contact” company Lviv Television Factory was established. Director of the factory became S. Petrovskyi. The first TV brand “Lviv” came off the assembly line on Oct. 2, 1957. TV “Lviv” was the first one to use cathode ray tube of 43 cm (developers: design – K. Shnitser, concept – A. Yuker). In 1960 a new production model – “Verkhovyna” was created. It was recognized as the best TV set in the USSR.

In 1991 “Electron” was one of the first corporations in Ukraine. It was corporatized by the classical and transparent methodology developed with the participation of British experts and scientists from Lviv, in particular, prof. V. Pynzenyk. Shares of JSC “Concern-Electron” are registered in the Ministry of Finance with the № 1. “Electron” founded one of the first regional commercial banks in Ukraine – “Electron Bank” (Registered by National Bank of Ukraine in 1991, under the № 25), and which has become one of the leading banks in the country (now – JSC “Volksbank”).

The modern “Electron” is actively developing as a machine-building corporation. It includes 10 companies:

Joint Ukrainian-German company “Electrontrans”
Metalworks and urban transport production: low-floor trams, trolleybuses, buses and electric buses of high comfort. The newly created joint Ukrainian-German enterprise “Electrontrans” developed and manufactured the first in Eastern Euro fully low-tram tram that meets European requirements for safety and comfort. Along with the serial production of trams for tracks of various widths, the company began manufacturing trolleybuses of its own design, as well as electric buses, a new type of urban eco transport.


Factory “Electronmash”
Development and manufacturing of multifunctional utility cars – universal vehicles with variable bodies and attachments.


JV “Sferos-Electron”
Established in 1996, the company is recognized as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality machinery for vehicles: liquid heaters for buses, trucks, agricultural and construction machinery, as well as air conditioners, hatches, receivers, fuel tanks and steering columns and metal processing services.

Scientific Research Company “Carat”
Development of technologies for obtaining and establishing industrial production of various materials for electronics, including the use of nanotechnologies. In particular, the company’s products were used to create ultrasensitive detectors of the Great Andron Collider within the framework of the implementation of the international project of the European Center for Nuclear Research in Switzerland. “Karat” is the main scientific-production enterprise in Ukraine in the field of materials for electronic equipment.


Factory “Polymer-Electron”
Manufacturer of products of different levels of complexity using polymeric materials and foam polystyrene. Instrumental production. Metal processing services.

“Tekon-Electron” Separate Design Bureau
Development, production, modernization and repair of radio electronic equipment for military use. Experts in the fields of systems of high-precision aviation weapons, short-range air navigation and other military electronic equipment.

“Electron” Television plant
Specializes in the production of liquid crystal LED TVs. For decades, the “Electrons” have been an example of the application of the most advanced technical and technological innovations. Today’s factory is a certified high-tech enterprise, which continues the tradition of “Electron” as a well-known popular brand.

Factory “ElectronPobutPrylad”
Production of small electric motors for industrial and household purposes. Production of electrical household appliances.

Household and food enterprise “Electron”
Packaging of food products for supermarkets and enterprises.

Financial leasing company «Electron-Leasing»
Services in leasing of estate of different purpose – office, industrial and store premises.


Source: Space of business journal.

Yuriy Bubes
The president of Concern, Chairman of the board