Syhnivka Industrial Park in Lviv is included in the Register of Industrial Parks of Ukraine
10 Oct 2023

On 10 October 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine entered the new Syhnivka Municipal Industrial Park in Lviv into the Register of Industrial Parks.
In September 2023, a management company was selected for the Syhnivka Industrial Park. It is a subsidiary of Ukrainian developer  Alterra Group – Formacia Syhnivka LLC.
Notably, this is the third industrial park in the city to be included in the State Register of Industrial Parks.
As of October 2023, a total of 68 industrial parks were registered in Ukraine. However, most of them are not yet operational or under construction. Instead, 2 industrial parks are already successfully developing in Lviv: the first stage of the Sparrow Park Lviv Industrial Park is operating with residents and the construction of the first stage of the M10 Lviv Industrial Park is nearing completion.

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