5 reasons why bussinesses should invest in Lviv
29 Apr 2024

The well-known Finnish business publication Kauppalehti wrote a long article about the entry of Finnish companies into the Ukrainian market, which are interested in the projects of reconstruction of Ukraine. In particular, it talks about Lviv, which today is the gateway to Ukraine.

In this article, the well-known Finnish business consultant Jukka Laikari, who has been living in Lviv for a long time, talked about 5 reasons for entering the Ukrainian market through Lviv, including security, geographical location, development of IT technologies, logistics, low level of corruption.

According to Jukka Laikari, it is not necessary for Finnish companies to start their business in Kyiv; Lviv is also a suitable starting point.

Note that the presence of Finnish companies in Ukraine has historically been relatively small compared to countries such as Sweden and Denmark. About 30 Finnish companies are currently working in Ukraine. In Lviv, Finnish business is represented by Hotel Leopolis, Tietoevry, KONE, Aon Ukraine, Ruukki Ukraine.

Also this year, the EastCham Finland Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Finnish Industry (EK) opened a joint office in Kyiv to assist Finnish companies in recovery projects in Ukraine.

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