Research Center for Engineering Students is to be established in Lviv
07 Jul 2023

The session of the Lviv City Council supported the implementation of the investment project to create the Research Center for Engineering Students in Lviv, which will be arranged in 1352 square meters of non-residential building at 5 Kalicha Hora Street.

According to Andriy Moskalenko, First Deputy Mayor of Lviv, the implementation of this extensive investment project in the city center is a strategic move in the development of education and scientific research in Lviv. The consolidation of 11 laboratories, open spaces, and lecture halls will facilitate qualitative research, since the Center will provide permanent free access to laboratories, equipment, and consumables for students, postgraduates, and researchers. This center-hub will become a place of ideas synergy, cooperation between universities, initiatives and companies in the field of higher education and innovation.

«We received a request from the Lviv IT Cluster to create space for qualitative scientific, cross-sectoral research in both the tech industry and other related fields in Lviv, so we have begun working on the project. In order to implement it, we have chosen the municipal building at 5 Kalicha Hora Street that requires reconstruction. Pursuant to the terms of the investment competition, the investor must renovate the building and provide educational and practical laboratories and functional areas, create and implement training programs at the Research Center based on the programs of higher, technical and secondary education institutions in Lviv,» stated Andriy Pavliv, Head of the Investment and Projects Office.

More details about the contest and its terms will be announced very soon!

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